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How To Stay Healthy During A Pandemic

Category: Diet & Nutrition, News

Hi everyone! I went live earlier today on Facebook to go over some of the most common questions many of you have how about the Immune System and how to... Read More

Is Your Health as Good as You Think?

Category: Health, Lifestyle, Tips

Happy New Year Everyone! My goal this year is to bring 2020 clarity back to the topic of health because we have lost sight of what being healthy truly is... Read More

We Have a New Website!

Category: News

We have been working hard to bring you a new website where you can go to learn all about health and wellness, reach out to us more easily, and find... Read More

EVOX – Electronic Voice Recognition

Category: Health

Change your perception, change your life. Using EVOX to shift perceptions Perception is closely tied to emotion. Often you can sense the emotion of others just by listening to them... Read More

Seminar: Reversing Disease and Keeping Healthy

Category: News

Lyell will be doing a healthy cooking demonstration at Duckroost Seafood on August 25th starting at 4:30. All are invited, but space is limited. So if you are interested in... Read More