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1. What can I expect when I come in for my first health consult?

Prior to coming in you will print out the health consult intake forms from the website and fill them out.  Make sure to bring them to your appointment.  If you have recent lab work that you did with your doctor you can request a copy of that and bring it to your appointment also.  If you do not have current blood work you can get it from walkinlab.com, order the “Wellness #2 Essential blood panel”.  When you come for your session first you will receive a bio-scan, and an iridology reading.  The Bio scan will indicate any acute issues disrupting balance in your body, the iridology will show genetic weakness that may be contributing to health and wellness not being optimal.   Following those two assessment tools we will going over in detail the intake form that you had filled out previously and any blood work that you may have.  At this point recommendations will be given regarding changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle that will promote balance to regain optimal health.

2. What can I expect when I come in for Nutrition Counseling?

Prior to coming in for your appointment you print out instructions for creating a 3 day food log and complete the task of capturing everything you eat in that time frame. Bring this log with you to your appointment.  As a registered dietitian,  I will assess your nutrition needs based on your biometric measures.  We will discuss your diet and lifestyle habits and identify the places you are doing well and what areas need to be improved upon.  I will assist you in setting goals to accomplish your desired outcome.  We will brainstorm together ways to achieve those goals, prioritized them and construct a plan to accomplish this.  You will leave with a clear list of tasks to implement and we will set a follow-up appointment to establish accountability for success of your plan.

3. What is a Registered Dietician?

Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. They advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy  lifestyle or achieve specific health-related goals.  In the State of Louisiana one must be a Licensed Dietitian to legally give advice on diet or dietary supplementation.

4. What Is a naturopath?

A practitioner that assesses an individual’s needs  and develops a plan that includes education on diet and lifestyle recommendations along with nutritional and herbal supplements that support healing.  Principles of naturopathy are:

  • Do no harm
  • Use the body’s own innate ability to heal itself through balance
  • Identify and correct the root cause of the disease, not just symptoms
  • Disease affects the whole person, treat the whole person,  body, mind and spirit
  • Teach don’t just treat, empower the knowledge
  • Emphasize prevention through removing unhealthy physical, mental, emotional, environmental and social behaviors

5. What is a Herbalist?

A certified herbalist is a consultant, advisor, researcher and educator in the realm of herbal medicine and specializes in utilizing the healing properties of plants.

6. What do I do about lab work?

You can attain your bloodwork results from your current physician, if you do not have a physician you can get your bloodwork from walkinlab.com.

7. How frequently do I need to come is for appointments?

How often you come in depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your health.  Some people have very serious illnesses that they are working to turning around.  Others are just try to regain energy and not feel like they are getting old so quickly.  The more serious the issue the more frequent the visits usually.  Frequency also depends on how much responsibility you take for your health when you are on your own, meaning in between appointments.  The more accurately you follow the recommendations the less frequently you need to come in, it is really up to you.

8. Can I use diet and nutrition supplements at the same time I take medications from my doctor?

Yes and No.  Many people use complementary therapies along with conventional western medical protocols without any issue.  There are some medications, because of their action, have restrictions on what can be taken at the same time.  If you currently take medication, you must continue to take your medication.  Your medication will be taking into consideration when creating your health recommendations so that nothing interferes with it.  The idea is to get you healthy enough to not need the medication anymore so that your doctor takes you off it.

9. Will you prescribe medicine for me to take?

I am not a doctor and do not prescribe medication.  However I will recommend diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications that will strengthen weaknesses, calm over worked systems and help shift your body to a state of balance, healing and overall wellness.

10. What is the cost?

We have a few services available that you can review here.

11. If I live out of state can I schedule a distance consult over the phone?

Yes, you can schedule phone consultations if you live out of town.  In some cases you may need a weeks lead time so that you can receive the equipment to conduct scans remotely.  However iridology is only done in the office.

12. Can you diagnose my health issues?

No I do not diagnose.  As a registered dietitian, herbalist and naturopath I identify deficiency and imbalance in the body.  The imbalances are likely the cause for disease onset  and illness and when not addressed will lead to chronic illness.  When balance is restored through proper nutrition, diet, supplementation, and lifestyle the body heals naturally.  You do not need to name an illness in order to get rid of symptoms, often all that is needed  is for relief is correcting the imbalance.



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