Is Your Health as Good as You Think?

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Happy New Year Everyone! My goal this year is to bring 2020 clarity back to the topic of health because we have lost sight of what being healthy truly is in this country.  My aim is to equip you with knowledge.  The knowledge that enables you to fully understand what it means to be healthy and to know the cost of fooling yourself into believing that you’re already there.  

I want you to become aware of the pseudo health deception, marketed to us daily, where chronic illness and diseases like cancer are now the “new normal”.  I want this post to have an impact that leaves you unwilling to settle for the status quo of health and you begin to believe again, or for the first time, in your body’s ability to heal. 

The only thing you must do to maintain your body’s ability to heal is to put in the nutrients needed and take time to rest.  All the complex homeostatic biochemical functions are already in place so no need to worry about how the body will accomplish healing.   I want this year to be the year you regain true health, claim your life and live it fully, refusing to go another day missing out on the joy of achieving your dreams.

So, let’s see where your health is…

On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being best and 1 being worst if you were to rank your health what number would you give yourself? 

10 — Radiant Health – Never sick, energetic, always vibrantly alive

9 — Strong Health – Never sick, workhorse

8 — Good Health – Never sick, dependable

7 — Poor Digestion – Sleepy after meals, belching, bloating, acid reflux

6 — Hidden Illness – Don’t feel as good as you used to, but doctors says your doing great

5 — Low Energy Production – Always fatigued, exhausted by activity, rest does not rejuvenate

4 — Congestion Stagnation – Stiffness/achiness in muscles and joints

3 — Chronic Illness – Seasonal allergies, heart disease, type 2 diabetes

2 — Terminal Illness – Autoimmune disease, cancer, type 1 diabetes

1 —  Process of dying

Having been in the natural health field for the last 25 years, I can tell you most people rank their health better than it actually is.  Do you want to know why?  The two most common reasons are:

First, chronic illness is so common in America today that many chronic conditions like allergies, heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety are not counted by people when assessing their own health because one, everyone has it and two,  they believe it can’t be fix.  

People have been led to believe that chronic conditions do not really change.  This is reinforced by doctors writing prescriptions to correct and in some cases try to prevent chronic conditions. This is so ridiculous, we don’t have medication deficiency do we? So if you have a condition that cannot change and your only hope is managing it with medication the mentality is that once managed you no longer have the condition.  Therefore, don’t judge/grade on something that is fixed with medication.  Many people view these illnesses as a genetic trait,  they defend themselves with the argument that everyone in my family has this ailment and that is why I too have it.  So now that they have categorized an illness as something they cannot change, much like their ethnicity,  it falls off the rank of your health radar, and you have new sub-categories like “healthy diabetic” even though diabetes is itself is an indication of poor health.  If people viewed chronic illness as something the body could heal, then a healthy diabetic would be a nonsensical oxymoron and chronic illness would be able to be assessed in health ranking.

Second, not only are chronic illnesses common, but they are also long-standing in this country.  So, many people no longer remember or even have an experience of what it feels like to truly be healthy. 

When I began working on my health over 25 years ago I was in that place, unaware of what true health really felt like.  Yes, I was fit, did not get sick often and if I got sick I would bounce back quickly without medical intervention most time, so I rarely saw the doctor.  But the telling signs were that I did get sick, I had exercise-induced asthma, bronchitis every time I caught a cold and irregularity.  After realizing that I was not as healthy as I believed, I began improving my nutritional intake and three months into making these changes, my breathing improved during exercise and was no longer an issue, I realized a cold had come and gone with no bronchitis and my constipation resolved.  By giving my body what it needed to rebuild itself I felt 10 years younger, I had energy and motivation to do more than just go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat.  In fact, it changed my life, I quit my corporate job to start my own business because I had a desire for everyone to know what I learned, your body can heal beyond its weaknesses, even genetic weakness.  I worked more, traveled more, played more, lived more those next ten years than I had lived the first 30 years of my life because I finally knew what feeling good was. Don’t cheat yourself out of life by thinking you are already as healthy as you can be, getting older does not have to feel bad.

Recognizing that there is room for improvement in your health is your first step toward a better life. Then becoming aware that your body already has the ability to regenerate and heal with simple changes you can make in the way you live will give you the power to make it happen.

So, what is your goal for your health this year? 

I hope reading this generated some new ideas for you about where you want to take your life. Let’s set up an appointment so I can help you reach your goals.