Never has functional wellness been more important.

The state of our health in America has been worsening for the past century due to inactivity and the decline in the nutritional quality of our foods. What we consume today has more calories and fewer nutrients than foods consumed 50 years ago. Few people are vibrantly healthy anymore. Instead, we are a country rife with chronic ailments that are so commonplace they’re no longer viewed as illnesses. Allergies, high cholesterol, acne, acid reflux, some digestive disorders and some anxiety and depression all fall into this category.

The good news is that a few targeted shifts in the way you take care of yourself can make a big difference in the way you feel.


Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

Begin today and see how the power of healing can improve your life.


Meet Founder Lyell A. Turner, BS, RD, LDN, LMT

Nature’s Wellness founder Lyell Turner is a functional wellness veteran and a registered dietician who opened Nature’s Wellness in Louisiana in 2005.

Lyell’s blend of personal warmth and professional expertise puts her clients at ease and creates a positive, productive environment for making lasting lifestyle changes. Lyell’s process isn’t about issuing blanket orders, like eat more fruits and veggies, or take this supplement. Instead, she holds one-on-one conferences with clients, learning about their health challenges through multiple assessment tools and learning about their personal wellness goals. She assesses data on each client’s biochemical, anthropometric, physical and dietary status, all of which help her create a tailored nutritional and wellness plan that will help a client live better, look better and feel better. Supported by a lifestyle coaching program, she and her team will have you on your way to a new lifestyle and a new you.

Lyell is was born and raised in California, and first began her career in the wellness field there in 1995. Her path to launching her own business was motivated and reinforced by studies at the Institute of Conscious Bodywork, an apprenticeship with Naturopathic Doctors Joanne and Ron Mied at Psychogenic Solutions Inc. where she studied herbs, iridology, theory of Chinese medicine, body typing, biological terrain assessment and Global Relationship Center where she studied and instructed courses in human relations. Lyell is currently working toward a master’s degree in Functional Medicine.

Her passion is to teach people about total health and to work with clients in addressing their health and well-being, always incorporating the latest in nutrition research and information.


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After experiencing A lack of energy In middle age (over 40) I was looking for a rejuvenating force. Your Herbs are incredible. Thank You.

Anonymous | Cave Junction, Oregon
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