We Have a New Website!

Category: News

We have been working hard to bring you a new website where you can go to learn all about health and wellness, reach out to us more easily, and find out more of the services we have to offer!

Some of the newest features include:

1. A Blog

We have a lot of information we have learned over the many years of doing this, and we wanted to have a place you could go to continue to learn as well. Take a look at some of the posts we have already, but you can also check back for more!

2. A Quick Easy Schedule Appointment Button

On each page, we have included a link to our scheduler so you can set up your appointments easily.

3. A Product List

When we believe in a product, we want you to know about it too. We have a whole section on the site dedicated to products that we believe can improve your life.

4. A Place to Hear From Others – Testimonials

Many people have seen the benefits of living a healthier life, and we know for each person that starts at a different place, but check out what some of our happy clients have to say about their experience with Nature’s Wellness! View Testimonials here.

5. Service List

We offer a few different types of services including massages, bio scans, iridology readings, full health assessments, regular maintenance appointments, and even in-home cooking classes! Check out our list of services!

6. About our Dietician

When you come to your wellness appointments, you will meet our dietician Lyell Turner, so now you have a place to learn more about her, her credentials and her passions. Read more about her here.

7. Frequently Asked Questions section

We get asked the same questions often as it relates to your health, and to our service offerings. We created a place on the site for you to see the answers to these before you come in. Find the FAQs here!