Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming

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Regaining Pain Free Range of Motion

Are you tried of living with painful tension patterns that keep reappearing in your shoulders, back, hips and joints month after month? Have you resigned yourself to tolerating the discomfort or even just writing it off as part of getting older?   Well it does not have to be that way, and I’m not talking about pain medications or muscle relaxants. What you need is NMR, Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming.

Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming is a modality of Therapeutic Massage that is extremely effective for releasing chronic tension patterns in the body, because it accesses the motor control center of the brain where the neuro-maps that govern coordinated movement reside. This is done by performing a simple muscle test to identify muscles that are not working at full capacity and muscles that are sharing the burden of that lack. When the muscle test or movement is per- formed the neuro-map is loaded or active in the motor control center of the brain and is ready to be altered.

After releasing the muscle tension, the test is performed again so that the nervous system can rewrite the proper neuro-map for coordinated muscle movement.

Chronic tension and pain is caused by a change in the neuro-maps that govern the bodies coordinated movement. There are many reasons for changes in neuro- maps; the most common of which are injury, surgery, muscle fatigue, repetitive movement and strain. Because we do not stop to let ourselves heal in this day and age of Go-Go-Go, the body will create a protective neuro- map to govern movement and promote recovery of whatever the injury. Our Go-Go-Go life often lengthens recovery time and the result is that the protective neuro- map becomes permanent. When this happens the protective neuro-map becomes a contributor to imbalances in the muscular system that over time creates the cycle of chronic pain and limited range of motion that so many Americans live with. To effectively alleviate muscular tension and pain of this kind it is necessary to correct   the neuro-maps that control the movement associated with the tension patterns.

Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming taps into the nervous system to correct movement patterns formed at the time of injury. For this reason, the results of this work are quick and long lasting. Recently, I worked with a client who had dislocated her elbow. She came to me after 6weeks of recovery work with a Physical Therapist, stating that while her elbow was better it still felt weak and there was discomfort with certain movements. After a single 1-hour session, she reported the weak feeling was gone, not less but gone, and there was really no more discomfort. The only thing missing in her recovery was Neuro- Muscular Reprogramming. It enabled her body to rewrite the neuro-map so she could regain full range of motion without weakness and discomfort. This may sound believable, however it’s true. I could share many stories just as remarkable, if you are still skeptical you need to experience the work