My son Regan who is 9yrs old, has always been very active. He just cannot seem to sit still, and of course, we have always had a struggle with this in school. The teachers would say how bright he is but he just wont concentrate for us, and I knew exactly what they were saying, because its the same at home. I felt like I repeat myself so much with him. When I went for my appointment with Lyle, I mentioned my issues with Regan, she immediately recommended giving him the Focus Attention. I said to myself, Ive tried so many things, and nothing has given me the results I’m looking for. I definitely did not, whatsoever, want to put my child on any medication of any sort for the dreaded ADD/ADHD. I also didn’t want my child to be a zombie and just sit still and stare. So, I just listened. Everything she said sounded good, but I was thinking of cost. If this is a miracle and it has helped so many kids, it had to cost an arm and a leg. When she told me the cost, I definitely had to at least try it. Within 3days, I got a phone call from his teacher, asking me what Regan was taking. She has noticed a marked difference in him. He sits still while in discussion, when he usually wouldn’t, and his demeanor is happier. His grades have gotten so much better, he went from D’s to A’s too! Regan said she had asked him if he was on medicine because he has been focusing better and seemed happier. He told her that his mom gives him Focus Attention before school and when he gets home. I know this may sound like just another testimony, but its too cost worthy to not try, and you will notice a difference. I tried taking it myself and its funny, but I really didn’t pay that much attention to the results, my husband is the one who noticed a change in me. Ha!! Poor guy!! This product has really been a true miracle. I have a nephew who is now taking Focus Attention and has seen marked differences, went from D’s to A’s. Teachers have noticed, the whole bit! I initially went to Lyle because I’ve been passing gall stones for the whole last year and didn’t even know it! I knew I had gall bladder issues just didn’t know it was this severe. I had a hysterectomy a couple years prior and was told that what I was feeling was scar tissue. It was horrible pain that I could feel traveling through my body and then I would feel a very sharp pain for about 10 seconds but it felt like eternity! It would stop me in my tracks and I’d hold my breathe until the pain stopped. I had heard of Lyle and thought I guess i will try one more thing at a last attempt to feel better. When I went in for my visit, she took me to the iridology portion and when she looked at my eye, immediately she said,” Do you have pain?”, “your gall bladder is about to pop!” I thought to myself, okay, this lady is for real because I never mentioned that at all. How in the world would she know this!! So we went into this office to have a chat, I felt like this was awesome, not one doctor has ever taken the time to find out all this stuff about MY health. It was so thorough, it was great! She really cares about YOU! She really has a passion to help people feel better. She recommended for me to take the gall bladder formula, and a few other products along with it. I felt results and saw results within a couple days of taking it! I went from passing stones everyday a couple times a day, to passing stones every three days once a day, to now passing stones about once every 3weeks. WOW!! It has completely changed my life!!!! I am sticking with it too, I’ve tried lots of products trying to feel better, and I had some other things going on hormonally too, but these products are the real deal, I FEEL better. I SEE the results and the people around me have noticed too! I tell everyone about this product line and Lyell!! She is truly the real deal!!.